Frames & Lenses


What is Your Lifestyle?
When it comes to choosing eyewear, one style no longer fits all. We offer a large selection of quality fashionable frames and lens material. Today, there's lens choice for all activities. Be sure to discuss your unique lifestyle with our eye care professionals.

We prescribe contact lenses for virtually every vision condition and age group including bifocal, astigmatic, disposable, frequent replacements, and colored lenses. Contact lenses should fit your needs as comfortably as they fit your eyes!


Information About Lenses
We have many lenses for you to choose from. One of our newest lenses are the FreshLook Eyes. Sensational colors come in disposable contacts. Each color is specially blended for the most natural look with hazel around the pupil and a charcoal outer colorburst pattern.

3-in-1 FreshLook ColorBlends
3-in-1 FreshLook ColorBlends use advanced color technology that blends three colors into one to create the most natural eye color change ever. FreshLook ColorBlends are available in four attractive colors that look great even on the darkest eyes.

FreshLook Colors
FreshLook Colors are available in four natural colors that give even the darkest eyes an alluring new look.

FreshLook Color Enhancers
FreshLook Color Enhancers brighten light eyes and create greater depth and definition.

Clear FreshLook
Clear FreshLook lenses for when you prefer your natural color. Frequent replacement means irritating deposits are less likely to accumulate, resulting in comfortable lens wear.
Inversion mark makes FreshLook lenses easy to handle and insert. FreshLook ColorBlends can be worn even if you don't need vision correction.