High Definition Lenses

In today's high tech world many of you have heard the term "high definition." The quality of a high definition lens is similar to the quality of a digital camera. They allow for sharper, clearer, crisper vision throughout the whole lens, giving you the best vision possible!

High Definition lenses are made of the same materials as conventional lenses. What makes digital lenses different is the process by which they are made. To create these lenses an advanced digital technology is used to resurface the lens allowing for greater precision over the entire lens surface. Surfacing the lenses this way provides you with more visual comfort, improved peripheral vision, sharper definition and less eye fatigue.

Watch the video below for more information and be sure to ask our optician about HD lenses!

High Definition Lenses

For the first time, high definition or digital lenses, are now available. These advanced technology lenses offer a number of benefits over traditionally surfaced lenses.

The quality of these of a high-definition lenses is similar to the quality of a digital camera. The higher the pixel count, the higher the degree of resolution resulting in crisp vision with unmatched depth and clarity.

High definition lenses also enable patients to enjoy up to 20% wider vision channels for both intermediate and near distance fields. This makes computer use and reading more comfortable and enjoyable. They are also available in sport and hobby-specific designs.

High-definition lenses are ideal for all patients who want to experience the latest in lens technology while those with high prescriptions and large amounts of astigmatism will experience the greatest wow factor. Ask a staff member for more information on this exciting lens product.