Protective Eyewear

Do you wear protective eyewear? It's crucial to protect your sight with specialized glasses and goggles made to optimize your vision and protect your eyes while you do activities with flying objects and debris. From sports to work and occupational settings, even home repair and DIY, protective eyewear is a must.

Watch the video below for more information and be sure to explain your personal and work habits with Dr. Larry Morrison, Dr. Michael Morrison, or Dr. Becky Vandeberg at your next eye exam to ensure you receive the best protection for your eyes.

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Sports-related injuries are topping 100,000 per year and are almost all preventable by protective eyewear. A survey by the Vision Council of America reports that nearly nine in ten people believe that children should regularly wear protective eyewear when playing sports. Yet only one in three report that their children actually do.

Hazards exist in every home in many different forms. Sharp edges, falling objects, chemicals, noise, and a variety of other potentially dangerous situations. Whether you’re working on a weekend project in the garage, or participating in recreational activities, wearing eye protection can significantly reduce sight damaging injuries.

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