At Morrison Eye Care we pride ourselves in providing the most sophisticated diagnostic technology and eye care services to be sure your eye health examination is as thorough as possible.

A breakthrough in glaucoma detection, OCT-GDX technology provides a rapid, objective and accurate evaluation because it measures the site of glaucoma damage, not just a symptom of the disease.

OCT-GDX examines the nerve fiber layer-the tissue at the back of the eye that is directly affected by glaucoma.

Recent research has shown that thin corneas increase the risk of glaucoma. A pachymeter is an instrument that uses ultrasound to determine corneal thickness. We routinely use pachymeters to help diagnose and determine risks of glaucoma.

Our Retinal camera takes accurate photos of the back of your eye to detect and monitor conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, hypertension and cataracts.

Laser Diagnostics